Vanessa J. Simmons is the 34-year-old mother, actress, and television personality who is best known for starring alongside her family plus her father Joseph Simmons, known as “Rev Run”. The Simmons family is best recognized for  the hit show “ Runs House”  which first aired on MTV  in 2005. The family show “ Run’s House” was such a great success that MTV created a spin-off “Daddy's Girls” that showcased the hard work and dedication Vanessa and Angela Simmons put into the design and business of “Pastry”, a sneaker company created by the girls which turned into a fashion empire with over 75 million dollars in sales. Vanessa’s ambition and love for fashion resulted in her working as the host for Lifetimes “Project Runway:Threads” in 2014.


Vanessa’s love for Pageantry began at 17 competing at “Miss NY American Coed” and eventually led her to becoming Miss New York United States Teen  in 2002 where she placed in the top five at the Miss United States Teen Pageant, Vanessa also represented the United States  at the Miss Model Of the World International Pageant  in China (2004), Amongst 52 other countries, Vanessa was set to represent the United States at Miss Intercontinental in 2006 but Truth be told Vanessa had to forfeit her title to begin television production on her family's TV show “ Run’s House”.


Vanessa has always held  the world of pageantry close to her heart as it was such an empowering tool for her as a young woman. Being a busy mother and entrepreneur, her goals in life are to inspire,  encourage, and motivate young women from diverse cultures to be all they can be. As a  Creative Director of “Miss Teenage California Scholarship Pageant”, working alongside CrownU Productions, Vanessa is hoping to bring attention to this wonderful experience and teach young woman to discover the beauty within themselves because “real beauty starts inside and radiates on the outside”.


K. Nicole Clark was already a full-time wife, mother of three beautiful daughters, and corporate Operations Manager. Nevertheless, her love for pageantry led her to become the Founder and Owner of Miss Corona Regional, Miss Brea Canyon, and Miss Yorba Linda USA pageants. All of which are pageants that serve as a preliminary to Miss California USA. After watching how influential pageants were to her daughter’s life, Miss Teenage California being the first pageant Jada competed in, that is when her passion for pageantry blossomed. She never would have imagined herself owning Miss Teenage California. Now that she has the opportunity, she plans to maintain the legacy of Miss Teenage California with every fiber of her being.

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Jada Clark is no stranger to pageantry. At the age of 14 she entered her very first pageant, Miss Teenage California 2012, and was named 1st runner up. From there she continued to place over the next two years at MTCA. Eventually she won the title of Miss North County Coastal Teen USA, in which she placed Top 20 at Miss California Teen USA. In 2015, she placed 3rd runner up and in  2016 1st Runner at Miss Nevada Teen USA! During Jada’s pageant career she maintained a 4.2 GPA in which she decided to take an early placement that resulted in her graduating high school at the age of 15. Jada began California Baptist University in fall of 2014 entering as a sophomore. She is now majoring in Health Science with a concentration in Pre-Medicine at the University of Southern California. 


Together, Jada and K. Nicole have coached the former Miss Teenage California 2011, Bianca Vierra, who went on to win our title of Miss Brea Canyon Teen USA, and snatched the title of Miss California Teen USA 2014. In addition, training our former Miss Corona Regional Teen USA Melanie Mitchell who also won Miss California Teen USA 2015! We are so excited to meet all of the contestants vying for the title of Miss Teenage California!!

Pageant Team

Jada Clark

Pageant Director

K. Nicole Clark

Owner, Executive Director

Vanessa J. Simmons

Creative Director